Honour to be invited by the Ambassador of India | インド大使主催の晩餐会

Invitation from Ambassador


It was an honour to be invited by Amb. Sanjay Kumar Berma ji, the Ambassador of India in Japan, for his dinner party at his residence.

Spending time with the Ambassador was absolutely wonderful. Amongst invited members were many cultural dignitaries including musicians, dancers, artists, ayurvadic doctor, who are all involved in Indian art and culture in Japan.

We were very fortunate to connect with the ambassador in very relaxed ambiance. He gave us some guidance on how to promote more Indian culture in Japan. I expressed my thoughts about it specially in education field.

Given that it was the first time that cultural figures were invited to this ambassador’s residence in nearly 70 years of its history, it was a great opportunity.

Now, let me mention about the situation surrounding Indian classical music in Japan. Last 30years after economic collapse in Japan, it was also lost decades for Indian classical music. Actually not only for Indian music though. But compare to the every level of change in the world, the situation surrounding it was not very happy. No support, no understanding, misunderstanding, closed mind, closed thinkings, misleading, those makes things very difficult. I really respect all those who has been keeping motivations and dedications to this art form even under this difficult times.

But I can say now we all had been there at that night felt “New era has come”.

I know not all the people likes change, but to make something better we have to change. Always. And now we can make change. We don’t need ego.

We can share the ideal, and we can work together.

We need your help, support, cooperation and understanding.

I deeply appreciate Amb. Verma ji and also director of VCC Prof. Siddharth Singh ji and Taich Watanabe san to coordinate this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you so much



在日インド大使のSanjay Kumar Berma閣下の夕食会に招待いただく光栄にあずかりました。